Kauai Island <BR>ーThe Garden Isleー

Kauai Island
ーThe Garden Isleー

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Kauai is the northernmost island of Hawaii,  it have a nickname called the “Garden Isle”.


From Honolulu International Airport to Lihue Airport only takes 30 minute flight. In Lihue there is many shopping malls and hotels , is the central city of Kauai.

Kawaikini Mountain and Mount Waialeale is the highest places of Kauai. Because of the height and the temperature, every year there are amazing rainfall records.

Because of heavy rain to the erosion of the terrain, Kauai also called“The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.

The Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali coast is absolutely beautiful scenery of Kauai.

Occupying 1400 square kilometers, and also is Hawaii’s fourth largest island. Industrial tourism and coffee planting.

At Kauai the most popular tourist attraction is the Fern Grotto.

Accessible only by a short boat trip up the Wailua River, the grotto is a natural lava-rock grotto, lush with hanging ferns and tropical foliage, cooled by the mists of a waterfall.

There was a time when the Grotto was off-limits to all but Hawaiian royalty.

It is said that the wedding done here, then you can have eternal love, so now there are still many locals and tourists come here for the wedding.

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