Hawaiian cuisine

Hawaiian cuisine

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Although collectively referred to as Hawaii cuisine, but Hawaiian cuisine is divided into three types. One type is traditional Hawaiian cuisine, they are afferent to hawaiian from long time ago; second type is immigration style Hawaiian cuisine, they are mixing dishes bringing to Hawaii from the immigrants; third is using  Hawaiian unique foodstuff prepared dishes.

Traditional Hawaiian cuisine and Polynesian cuisine is somewhat similar, like Poi (a dishes made of taro and it can stick with the pork or chicken to eat), Kalua (the fish is buried in the ground with stone is a baked dishes) , Raurau (a dishes used agave leaf to wrapped taro and steamed it), Luau (a dishes stew cooked with coconut milk) and Poke (Hawaiian style sashimi) ect. Traditional Hawaiian cuisine style is to any simple ingredients can cook the dishes into exquisite taste.

Japanese immigrants of Hawaii used Japanese cuisine as a fusion with Hawaiian cuisine, such as luncheon sushi, Loco moco (topped with a hamburger patty, a fried egg, and brown gravy) and Okinawa-style bento ect.

Have the same brought by immigrants from other countries, such as Chinese style noodles, Korean style beef ribs and oxtail soup, Philippines style stews and Portugal sausage etc, immigration style Hawaiian cuisine is quite extensive.

Modern Hawaiian cuisine is also referred to as the Pacific Rim cuisine,

Sam Choy,Roy and Alan Wong has created those famous Hawaiian cuisine restaurant.

Hawaii has rich marine resources, fresh seafood and meats and vegetables. Under of food ingredients fresh condition, currently any restaurants in Hawaii have become very Popular.

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