About Hawaii general information

About Hawaii general information

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Hawaii as like as a paradise

loved by the peoples all around the world.
Mild climate, blooming flowers of different colors,with sea and mountains weave beautiful scenery, so that visiting people like exposure to a dream.
The Hawaiian Islands are made up of eight main islands and more than 100 islands, is an area of about 20,008 live about ten million square kilometers and a population of 1.45 million places.
Since Oahu centers continue to develop,make Hawaii a place full of natural is also the same place as the big cities, but it was still preserve more of the natural environment.


Warm climate, the highest annual average temperature is 25 degrees.
Since the lowest temperature on average was about 22 degrees, Hawaii is known as the kingdom of everlasting summer.
Because there is no four seasons, the most obvious are the rainy season (October to April) and the dry season (May to September).
In the rainy season, because of rainy weather and the temperatures will become a bit low, you may feel cold.
However, during the rainy season sometimes will raining whole day , but every year will only be have few days like this, and
usually the rain will probably end in less than an hour .
On the other hand during the dry season, because the air is relatively dry relations, in August the highest temperature will be about 29 degrees.
Because of the sun is very intense, you will need to prepare to prevent measures for sunburn and heat stroke.


As one of the major US military base, slowly Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States, originally Hawaii is a countries called “kingdom of Hawaii” , even now original Hawaiian culture is remains down. So not only is in English, Hawaiian has been designated as the official language.


Of course Hawaii as a state of the United States, using US dollar as currency.
The paper currency is divided into six categories, as 100 US dollar, 50 US dollar, 20 US dollar, 10 US dollar, 5 US dollar and 1US dollar, while the coins were divided into four categories, 25 cents, 10 cents, 5 cents and 1 cents. Because of the counterfeit
paper money problem, sometimes some store will rejected the large amount of cash for using. So when you convertible currency,
you can exchange the paper money into 20 US dollar, it would be more convenience to use.
Also at the hotel you can give the staff 1 US dollar as tip who help you to move the luggage, you can also exchange some one
US dollar for using as tip.

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