Neighbor Island

Neighbor Island

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The center of the Hawaiian Islands is Honolulu International Airport and Oahu with the famous Waikiki Beach.

From there toward to the southeast, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe, and Hawaii island across the Maui Strait, in northwest direction from Oahu Island is lined Kauai, and Niihau.

From Oahu flights to each island by domestic flights only cost about 30 minutes, even to the most distant Hawaii Island is around 50 minutes, there is three operating domestic flights airline which is Hawaiian Airlines, Island Air and Mokulele Airlines.

Using package tour, the place where you are incorporate the island hopping to travel from the beginning, waste without any movement, it is possible to go around efficiently, choice this kind to travel would be more advantage.

And also you can apply the package tours from all local travel company in the field.

There is a lot of attractions in Oahu, if you want to travel all the attractions you need to prepare enough times, if you have time please try traveling to different neighbor islands by walking.

And i knew you may want to travel all the islands, to the people that doesn’t have much time, especially recommend you travel Hawaii Island.

Watching the hot lava flowing out from the active volcano Kilauea volcano, and when the lava flowing into the sea it has became flows steam, and you can also enjoy the sun sets turn into the starry sky view from the Mauna Kea mountain at the same times, it should be good.

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