Neighbor Island

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The center of the Hawaiian Islands is Honolulu International Airport and Oahu with the famous Waikiki Beach. From there toward to the southeast, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe, and Hawaii island across the Maui Strait, in northwest direction from Oahu Island … Continued

Hawaiian Quilt

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From practical things like cushion covers and bed covers to decorative tapestry and tote bag, Hawaiian quilt is one of a popular choices of souvenir. Hawaiian quilts are made of cloth and cotton, with a large piece of cloth suturing … Continued

Hawaiian Leis

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My image of the Hawaiian Lei is, when you landed in Hawaii and getting off of the plane, the local people will pull a Lei on your neck for welcome you to Hawaii. And the Lei not only confined to … Continued

Hawaiian Jewelry

Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry is a best choices of souvenir to yourself or loved ones. Bracelet is said to contain information originate by Queen Liliuokalani, Hawaii’s last reigning queen.She made this to commemorate Prince Albert and England’s Queen Victoria. The official … Continued

Maui ーThe Valley Islandー

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The island of Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Maui was originally two separate islands, and later Haleakala volcanic eruptions those two islands connected together by the lava, for now the area of Maui is about 1880 square … Continued

Where to stay in Hawaii

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If you choose to travel to Hawaii to free exercise mode, then I would suggest you apply optional package tours. Of course, the trip is optional packages include airfare and hotel accommodation, and can choose the type of hotel. From … Continued

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